Confrasilvas SA was established in 1993 with the purpose of be an asset in the Construction market. A solution in the development, delivery and erection of innovative formwork solutions.

Since his foundation and until the present day, Confrasilvas SA has demonstrated an ability to become a leading company in the development, delivery and application of formwork systems, extending its “core business” to the execution of reinforced concrete structures, while at all times focusing on differentiation, whether through the quality of the services provided or through an incessant quest for the best solutions, developed based on know-how acquired over more than 20 years in the business.

With its activity focused on the delivery and application of integrated formwork solutions, in 2005, Confrasilvas SA created the Health & Safety, Quality and Environment Department, making it one of the first companies in Portugal to adapt and develop its internal organization in order to respond to new market trends and demands in the Construction market.

In 2005, the process of internationalizing the Confrasilvas Group began with the commencement of operations in Angola. In 2007, operations began in Romania.

Both markets had the particularity of being the result of the trust that long-standing Customers placed in Confrasilvas, thus acknowledging the asset that this partnership could represent with respect to the challenges posed by their own internationalization processes.

During the years 2007 and 2008, taking advantage of the proximity of Portugal to Spain and the presence of some historical Customers in this market, Confrasilvas carried out several projects in this country.

In August 2011, Confrasilvas stood out from the other market “players” by being a pioneer in obtaining Quality, Environment and Safety certification. In that year 2011, Confrasilvas extended its business activities to South America with the opening of its first office in Brazil, more precisely in the city of Rio de Janeiro, through its Brazilian subsidiary (Somarsil). It was also in that year that, in response to another challenge from a Customer, Confrasilvas consolidated its presence on the African continent, commencing operations in Mozambique.

In 2012 it extended its business activities into Asia with the implementation of the first projects in Georgia. Also in 2012, it extended and strengthened its presence in the European market through the commencement of various projects in Germany and France.

In 2013, with the consolidation of the business in Brazil, Confrasilvas reinforced its operations in South America with the implementation of two projects in Bogota, through its subsidiary, Confrasilvas Colombia SAS.

In 2014, the Confrasilvas Group invested in the consolidation and strengthening of its business in the markets in which it operates, namely Germany, Angola, Brazil, Colombia, France, Georgia, Mozambique, Portugal and Romania.

The year 2015 was characterized by the expansion of its activities both in Europe, through the conclusion of its first contract in the United Kingdom, and in Africa, where it began production work in Ghana. Once again, the expansion of the Confrasilvas Group into new markets resulted from invitations addressed by long-standing Customers, who considered the participation of Confrasilvas a major asset towards the proper implementation of their projects.

2016 and 2017 was marked by an adjustment in the activities of the Confrasilvas Group, economic downturn in the African and South American Markets and the strengthening and growth of operations in European Markets. Throughout these years, the Confrasilvas Group reallocated its human and material resources in accordance with the new circumstances of each of these markets.

The years 2018 and 2019 were marked by a consolidation of the markets in which we started operating in 2017, with emphasis on Gibraltar and Hungary. There was an increase in the activity of the Confrasilvas Group in the countries of Europe and a severe contraction of activity in the African Markets. In Brazil, there was a slight economic recovery and the completion of the first works in São Paulo.

2020 was a year marked by COVID 19, however, activity levels in Europe were much higher than those recorded in 2019, mainly in Portugal.
In South America, there was an increase in activity in Brazil, more precisely in São Paulo.
In Africa, all markets suffered a drastic reduction in their activity.

The years 2021 and 2022 were marked by the recovery of activity levels prior to COVID-19, but 2022 was impacted by inflation and the increase in Central Bank interest rates. It is thought that 2023 will reach levels of activity similar to those observed in 2022 in all geographies where the Group operates.